5 of the Best Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Southampton

We’ve dedicated time to research and compile this list of the 5 best settlement agreement solicitors in Southampton.

While we cannot officially endorse them, our findings are based on comprehensive web research and what clients have said about these law firms.

If you need assistance with settlement agreements in Southampton, these firms might be your go-to choices.

1 – Paris Smith in Southampton

Paris Smith LLP offers extensive advice on settlement agreements, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of their rights and the implications of various clauses in the agreement.

Their team, consisting of 2 solicitors, 3 associates, and 3 partners, specializes in negotiating to enhance compensation payments and ensuring full protection for their clients in the agreement.

They also strive to work within the legal fee contributions typically made by employers, discussing and agreeing on budgets where necessary​

Paris Smith website

2 – Moore Barlow in Eastleigh

Moore Barlow’s team in Southampton offers specialized assistance in settlement agreements.

They have significant experience working with employees, especially those in high-seniority roles, to secure favourable outcomes in settlement agreements.

Their expertise includes navigating the complexities of settlement agreements to ensure that clients understand every clause and receive the best possible package.

Moore Barlow emphasizes the importance of expert legal advice in understanding the implications of settlement agreements and also offers negotiation services to enhance the terms offered to their clients

Moore Barlow website

3 – Warner Goodman in Southampton

With a large number of reviews and a reputation for excellence, Warner Goodman LLP is ranked third in Southampton.

They have a team of 9 solicitors, offering hands-on assistance in diverse legal matters, including settlement agreements​​.

Warner Goodman website

4 – Eric Robinson in Hedge End

Eric Robinson Solicitors are known for their comprehensive legal support, ranking fourth among 78 firms.

They have a substantial number of reviews praising their services, indicating a strong performance in handling settlement agreements among other legal issues​​.

Eric Robinson website

5 – DC Employment Solicitors in Southampton

DC Employment Solicitors in Southampton specialise in handling settlement agreements, providing valuable support in negotiating improvements to settlement terms.

They assist in identifying and leveraging any procedural mistakes made by employers in the settlement process.

Their expertise extends to both negotiating on behalf of their clients and offering behind-the-scenes advice.

DC Employment Solicitors emphasize the legal requirements for settlement agreements, ensuring they are legally binding and cover all necessary claims while ensuring clients receive independent and insured advice

DC Employment Solicitors website

Can you recommend another solicitor in Southampton who specialises in Employment Law?

We hope you found the above list helpful! If you know of another solicitor or law firm in the Southampton area who specialises in employment law and settlement agreements please contact us with your suggestion.

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