5 of the Best Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Bournemouth

We’ve spent time researching and compiling this list of the 5 best settlement agreement solicitors in Bournemouth. We can’t officially recommend them but based on our own research, and what the web says about these law firms, we’d suggest getting in touch with them if you are looking for help with your settlement agreement.

1 – Solomons Solicitors in Westbourne

Established in 2009, Solomons Solicitors brings a rich heritage of legal expertise with over 100 years of combined experience, particularly in private client, property, and family law.

Based in Bournemouth and serving surrounding areas, they have deep knowledge of the South Dorset community.

Known for providing helpful, friendly, and cost-effective legal advice, Solomons Solicitors have built a reputation as a leading law firm in the region.

Their approach is client-focused, taking time to understand individual objectives and offering skilled, practical advice tailored to each case.

2 – Ellis Jones Solicitors in Bournemouth

Ellis Jones Solicitors boasts a team of specialist solicitors experienced in handling a variety of settlement agreement cases.

Their services include negotiating settlement agreements and providing critical advice to employees.

They emphasize the importance of obtaining independent legal advice, offering an advice and sign-off service for employees facing settlement agreements.

Ellis Jones website

3 – Scott Bailey Solicitors in Lymington

Based in Lymington, Scott Bailey Solicitors extend their expertise in settlement agreements to Bournemouth.

They draw from significant experience to guide both businesses and individuals through the settlement process.

The team focuses on achieving the best outcomes for their clients, including negotiating on legal expenses often covered by employers.

Scott Bailey website

4 – HGW Solicitors in Wimborne

HGW Solicitors, with a specialist Employment Law team, offers comprehensive advice on settlement agreements.

Their expertise spans advising senior executives to junior roles across various industries.

The team at HGW Solicitors ensures that the final agreement reflects the best possible outcome for their clients, offering support in negotiation and understanding of the settlement terms.

HGW Solicitors website

5 – Aldridge Brownlee Solicitors in Bournemouth

Aldridge Brownlee Solicitors LLP provides detailed guidance on settlement agreements, ensuring that employees understand the implications of giving up their legal claims against employers.

They emphasize the necessity of receiving qualified, independent advice for such agreements to be legally binding, offering to arrange appointments for consultation and fee discussions.

Aldridge Brownlee Solicitors website

Can you recommend another solicitor in Bournemouth who specialises in Employment Law?

We hope you found the above list helpful! If you know of another solicitor or law firm in the Bournemouth area who specialises in employment law and settlement agreements please contact us with your suggestion.

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